Combining world-class experiences with a side of Minnesota nice, we are an ambitious agency fueled by digital innovation to deliver successful marketing solutions.

Finally... A Digital Agency With All the Right Solutions

Combining world class experiences with a side of southern charm, we are an ambitious agency fueled by digital innovation to deliver successful marketing solutions.


Be Relevant

Our business is constantly changing, and our job is to stay up with the trends.

Be Humble

We provide a service to our customers and therefore we are here to serve.

Be Mission First

Do what you have to do, before you do what you want to do.


Over the last 9 years, we’ve helped start-ups and well-established companies develop a compelling brand story and an outstanding digital experience. Our strategic analysis and passion for design shows in our proud achievements.

Our founders, Johanne and William lived and started two other businesses in Qatar between 2004 and 2013. The first idea and business model for Cloud Media came to life in Dubai, U.A.E., in 2012. In 2013, Johanne and William relocated to Minnesota and set up the second branch of Cloud Media in the USA (now the headquarters). In 2014, Cloud Media opened a branch office in Doha, Qatar as well. With so many years of established business contacts in the region, William traveled back and forth to the Middle East often through subsequent years building the teams and developing the business. Slowly, over the years the mix of business became more heavily centralized in Minneapolis, MN, and since 2019 Cloud Media has worked as a digital agency for clients across the United States, with a small amount of work still happening in the Middle East.

This exciting multi-cultural experience still exists today with a team that is both based in the United States and overseas.


The company logo and the company name have a couple of meanings.

Perhaps an obvious influence for the brand name is the family name of our owners. The name McLeod lends itself very well to the cloud translation. However, the thought process did not stop there.

The initial vision for the company was to work with creatives across the world, connecting creative people to businesses that crave unique solutions. Cloud Media is an aspirational business that extends across borders, working with worldwide talent who can provide new perspectives to customers. We have and always will have an international workforce and plenty of world influence. The name Cloud Media describes that customers can come to the media cloud and get any media-related solution taken care of.

The logo shape also has both literal and figurative layers to it. The concept was to create something that is inspired by clouds, by the sky, and by flight, without being a direct and boring picture of a cloud. We created something fierce with strong lines, but still approachable. Some say there is a wing of a raptor in the design. Some say it has the colors of the sky. Some say it looks like the letter 'C'.

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