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Bing's Redesign: What You Need to Know

March 01, 20232 min read

Microsoft is planning to update the Bing search engine and permit paid links within search result responses. This is only accessible to a restricted number of users.

Microsoft is currently experimenting with ads in the initial version of the Bing chatbot, so we don’t have a timeline for its launch yet.

“ This will provide advertisers with an opportunity to reach a wider audience while also having their ads displayed more prominently on the page.”

How Will This Update Benefit Users and Advertisers?

This update offers some cool benefits for both users and advertisers.

  • For users:
    You can chat more naturally with Bing AI chatbot.
    Lightning-fast search experience saves you time.

  • For advertisers:
    Opportunity to reach a wider audience.
    Ads displayed more prominently on the page helps increase visibility.


How Will This Update Benefit Microsoft?

  • More Personalized Search - Bing AI chatbot's human-like responses will attract more users to the search feature.

  • Greater Advertising Presence - Advertisements integrated within the chatbot may have a stronger presence than typical search ads.

  • Profitable Prospect - Redesigned Bing search engine can generate significant revenue. Every percentage of market share captured by Microsoft in the search advertising market can lead to $2 billion in additional revenue.


Will This Update Affect Google?

Microsoft's plans to capture a greater market share in search advertising could signify increased competition for Google. Advertisers will get another avenue to explore advertising campaigns.

Some users who have tried the new Bing experience have reported that it's lightning-fast and better than expected. However, others are experiencing erratic, gaslighting, and somewhat emotional responses from the ChatGPT AI.

Cloud Media's SEO team is constantly keeping up with the latest trends in automation and AI. Reach out to us if you have questions on how this affects your business or how we can help you implement this or our many marketing services into your business.

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