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How can I participate?

All you need to do is click on the SIGN UP the button below and choose from the available levels of participation.

What is Spotlight Network TV?

Spotlight Network TV is a brand new networking event where every person in the room gets a video of their pitch or presentation. Watch the video to learn more. 

What value do I get?

You meet and give a short presentation about your business (your 20 second pitch). We film it and send you a professional edit. You can promote, share and use in any way you wish. The Chamber promotes it. Cloud Media promotes it. And you promote it. Watch. Share. Get feedback from your peers. Connect with your customers. Come back to promote new products or services, or to improve on your pitch until it's perfect!

The show will be filmed by a live production crew and also streamed live to i94 West Chamber of Commerce social media channels.

Can I use my video in any way I want?

Yes you can! Use video to:

  1. Review and improve your pitch
  2. Post on social media, attach to your email, share with customers and friends
  3. Build brand trust and awareness

How much does it cost?

There are different levels of participation:

  1. 20 second pitch is $30 - each participant gets a chance to stand in front of the room, make their pitch and have it filmed. We'll send you the video within a few days of the event and you can use it however you wish. Sponsors also get a choice of feature interview, 20 second pitch, or both. 
  2. Full feature interview is $150 - each show will have up to 2 featured interviewees, who will be asked a series of questions (which we can develop together, allowing you to focus the conversation if desired), and talk in depth about your business, ambitions, and the wider world. Sponsors also get a choice of feature interview, 20 second pitch, or both. 

What are the options for sponsorship?

We offer a variety of pre-show, during show, and after show sponsorship opportunities, including running short commercials about your brand. Sponsors can sponsor a single show or a whole season. 

Season Sponsor

Season sponsorships are $3000 and are chamber specific. Meaning a sponsor for the i94 West Chamber Channel would be sponsoring the ongoing channel for that chamber. As the concept grows, we will grow across the Twin Cities with various chambers. 

What you get: 

  • Do a feature interview and/or a 20 second spot every month at your chamber event
  • Get a motion graphic created of your company logo (Sample)
  • Play your 30 second add pre-show, during breaks, and post-show, every show for the year

Show Sponsor

Show sponsors are $250 and are specific to the current show. 

What you get: 

  • Do a feature interview and/or a 20 second spot at the current month show. This is a benefit, but not a requirement. You can choose to sponsor and not get in front of the camera
  • Get a motion graphic of your company logo
  • Logo animation plays in pre-show, commercial breaks, and post show

Twin Cities Sponsor

More details coming soon...