Cloud Media provides content creation and media services to companies throughout Qatar and the UAE. One of its clients is Qatar’s largest insurance company, Qatar Insurance Company (QIC). The company has a real strength in institutional group coverage, but is faced with more competition in the retail B2C sector. 


QIC, The oldest AND most established insurance company in Qatar was faced with the challenge of increasing its market footprint in the high-yield retail insurance sector. QIC turned to Cloud Media to help expand its market share amongst new customers for high-yield insurance products. The Qatar market is highly fragmented, with many consumer insurance options. To add another layer of complexity, the campaign was to be run during the busy Ramadan period, a time when many offers flood the market. ThAT made it vital that Cloud Media create a CREATIVE campaign that cuts through the clutter.  


Cloud Media worked closely with its client to develop a media and messaging strategy that would reach the intended market in high concentrated doses during the busy Ramadan period. Our creative direction introduced a generous product discount to the market with a clear call-to-action via display (banner) ads and social media marketing.

Our media strategy involved a large cross-section of the web via search marketing, display (banner) ads and social media posts, covers, and advertising. Cloud Media employed the latest tracking technologies, along with behavioral and retargeting concepts, so we could invest more in the most interested audiences.

Further to this, Cloud Media took A/B testing seriously, testing different images, text, and button colors to determine which variables performed better. Findings during the campaign revealed invaluable learnings that would further increase the ROI of the campaign, and even influence future campaign decisions. 

  1. Campaign Creative - Ramadan is a holy time amongst the constituents of QIC, and special attention needed to be paid to ensuring the messages were not too heavy on sales and discounting, but instead about appreciation and giving back. 
  2. Establish KPIs - Using historical sales data and considering the elasticity of a retail client base, QIC established a very aggressive primary growth KPI around new customer acquisition. The goal was to increase new purchases by 65% during the holy month of Ramadan. 

  3. Develop the Strategy - Our team developed and implemented a strategy including what to measure, what online properties to invest in, where the largest results will come from, and timelines associated with the goals of the campaign.  
  4. Test and Iterate - Throughout the period of the campaign we ran side by side artwork and messaging to constantly tune in results based on real time data. 


Targeting Qatar-based males and employing re-targeting techniques proved beneficial. This, coupled with rapid-response A/B creative testing and optimization, generated a robust response from the target market. We tested buttons, copy, and view-ability, and day-parting metrics to strike the perfect balance. But, we didn't stop there...

We created a weekly reports intended for working-level management in an easy-to-understand format, giving insights into the various optimizations we were managing. This allowed our client to remain switched-on throughout the process, while picking up some best practices along the way. 

Our results far outpaced an aggressively-set KPI for the number of new customers by more than 43%. The resulting ROI reached double-digits as well, exceeding all client expectations. This gave QIC one of its most successful campaigns to date and helped them maintain their position of market leadership.

We followed up the campaign with the creation of an executive-level dashboard, meant for the boardroom, which gave senior leadership a high-level look at what went well and featured learnings that could be applied next time for even better results. The report (on the right) is blurred for confidentiality reasons, but comes standard with Cloud Media digital buys of at least $5,000 or above.



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