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Two Keys to Video Advertisement Success

When most of us go on YouTube or try to watch the latest online videos, we do our best to skip over the ads that precede our desired content. But every now and then, a video will catch your eye and you'll sit and watch the ad before realizing you can move onto that new music video you've been dying to see. I know I get caught up in an ad when there are compelling images that grab my attention or the beginning to a story that I want to know how it ends (even if it is just an advertisement).

Not all ads are created equal, and the top ten most watched advertisements on YouTube this past September show just that. What made these ads the most successful?

Aside from the fact that many of these ads are for big companies with a mountain of brand recognition, these ads mostly share two things: striking imagery and quality storytelling. These advertisements grab their audiences' attention out of the gate, because they know their window to grab you is very small.

With advertisements saturating the world we live in, it gets harder and harder to grab the attention of an audience. That is why these two components are so important when considering successful advertisement. As a company, you want to catch the attention of the audience immediately; you want to convince them to keep watching. Well, not every company has brand recognition or millions of dollars to spend on a massive advertising campaign. 

Well, that's where quality storytelling and striking imagery come into play. You don't need a big budget to work within those parameters, you really just need professionals who can help deliver those concepts. Sometimes simple ideas are the best stories. 

The next time you find yourself really watching an advertisement, stop and think why it has your full attention. Is it because the story is funny or dramatic? Is it because you were pulled in by the beautiful or striking images? Consider these elements of successful advertising when you find ads you actually enjoy or make you laugh. 

These two components are what we work to hone in on at Cloud Media; we have a team of professionals who know the keys to advertising, can craft quality stories to help your brand and technicians who can make it all come to life in a compelling way. Shoot us a line if you ever have any questions or needs in this field; we love taking on new projects and meeting new people. 

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