Disrupting Your Audience Is A Good Thing

stand out from the crowd

In today’s ever-evolving, virtually driven media landscape, audiences are growing wiser about the media they consume. Now, more than ever, they have the power and control to choose only the messages that they want to see and hear. 

Gone are the days when all businesses have to do is to simply broadcast their message and the audience will listen. The traditional “tell and praise” formula just doesn’t cut it anymore.

Your audience is being pulled into all directions. Look at me. Click me. Watch me. Pick me. Buy me.

The question is, are you disrupting enough for them to choose your message amid the digital noise?  

We believe that business is personal, and that to communicate well we have to remember that every message is being seen, heard, or felt by another person. Messages must always aim for the heart, but with an understanding that we must go through many layers to get there.

Our mantra: create, disrupt, engage.

Start with the brand

Quality content starts at the brand and the brand promise first. You should not promise what you cannot deliver. Customers will learn and customers will tell. If the story customers are telling is different from yours, remember the marketplace always wins. 

Build the story

Once the brand speaks the truth you want to tell, the next step is to create the content prepped for various marketing channels. A proper strategy engages the modern consumer on several levels, with several interwoven key messages. Businesses must keep in mind it's not all about the sale. It's about value. The basic proposition of the marketplace is after all - if you build something of value, the sales will come. 

Execute the strategy

A strong brand and quality content lead to a foundation of a proper strategy. In fact the three items are completely intertwined. However a perfect brand and outstanding content are nothing without one final key ingredient. Action. With a focus on revenue and ROI, ongoing communications, continuous iterations, and regular tweaking are necessary to continue the converting those not ready to buy to true believers and evangelists of your brand. 

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