The Importance of Video Content on Websites


Trying to decide whether a video on your website is worth it? Don't think twice about it. Here's a list of why you should have videos on your website. We have also added a few tips on how to make your video more effective.

What is The Purpose of Website Videos?

  • Delivers Message right away

There is a 7-second website rule that says that you need to capture the attention of your audience within 7 seconds or else they would go somewhere else. A video can help with this 7-second rule because you can deliver your message in a shorter amount of time and the audience can digest the content faster than in a static post.

  • Increases Engagement

A video is more engaging and interactive than just reading a post. It encourages your audience to act fast. It also increases the time your audience spends on your website which helps with Search Engine Optimization. The more time your audience is on your website, the more google would think your website is an authority on the subject matter you want them to be engaged to.

  • Be Easily Remembered

Watching a video is easier to process and therefore can last longer in our memory. The same content can be more easily remembered when watched than read. A video can also provide full context faster than written content.


How Can Your Website Videos be More Effective?

  • Informative

The video on your website should show all the necessary information about your products and services in a concise manner. Your audience should already feel that they know everything there is to know about your product after watching the video

  • Entertaining

A boring video won’t do any good for your website. If your video does not keep your audience’s attention for the whole duration of the video, then your business won’t benefit from it.

  • Duration

Be mindful of the time of your video. If Instagram videos can go viral when it’s just 1 minute or NFL commercial breaks are so popular even if they can just go for 2 minutes max then it is possible for your videos to be engaging and informative in just under 2 minutes. The purpose is to get their attention, not bore them with unnecessary information. If you need to add more information on the video, like if it is a tutorial or an explanation of a complex subject matter, then make sure that everything that ends up on the final cut is absolutely necessary.

  • Call to action

Your video should encourage your audience to take an action after. It is not enough that they are entertained or they remember your product or service. The true test of the effectivity of a video is if they convert these audiences to actual clients. It is important that they take an action after watching your video.

  • Mobile friendly

Most of your audience will check your website on mobile so it is important that your video is optimized for the web. You will lose more than half of your total audience if they cannot see your video content when they check you out on their gadgets.  

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