Tips on How to Take Good Food Photos Even on Your Mobile Device


It’s crazy the number of food photos we see on Instagram and other Social Media platforms. A lot of people are now taking photos of their food first, sharing it before eating it. While it takes a whole lot more to do food photography professionally, we can give you tips on how to make your food photos nicer even when just using your handheld devices. 

Light and Exposure


It is important that your photos are well lit. A nice soft light can make a lot of difference in photos. If you take the picture in a dimly lit place, it can be harder for the camera you are using (especially for mobile cameras) to process the photos and may result in grainy and dark images. In the same way, a photo taken in a very harsh lighting loses details and may be unflattering. All the details can be appreciated more if it can be seen. Make sure that your photo is properly exposed. Not too dark and not too bright. 



A food shot should show its real colors. Sometimes light with a different temperature or tint like yellow, green, blue or red cheapens the look of the food. Watch out for unflattering colors that may make your food look different than what it actually looks like. A white light gives the food its original colors when photographed. Make sure that your photos stay true to the color of the food to make it look good.



Make sure that the focus of the photo is on the food that is the subject of the photo. The eye automatically goes to the focused part so if it is not in focus on your food photo it may not be that appealing. If you are using a flatlay, there may be certain elements that have a different height than your food and your camera might choose to focus on that or on the table. Make sure that it is focused on the food and not on the other elements.

There are a lot of reasons why we want our food pictures to look good but it is also important that you enjoy eating it after. If you are in the food and restaurant industry, it may be wise to have a professional take your food pictures though. If you are interested in professionally taken food images please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.