Tips for Product Photography


 Images are important when selling products. It showcases the products in a way that can attract buyers to get it. It also helps customer arrive at a decision faster on whether they need the product or not. 

Not all images give the exact same effect though. A photo of higher quality can give a better impression of the product for sale. If you are thinking of doing the photos yourself there are a few things you can take note of to improve your product photos.


Here are tips on how to take better photos of your products:



1. Start with plain white background images 

Make sure that the background is clean and free from other clutter. These may affect the images of your product. Clutter may cast unnecessary shadows or may take the focus away from the product. Plain images are great for catalogues, brochures and website features. It allows for a clean layout with multiple options for text and design.


angle (1).jpg



2. Show different angles 

Take a picture of the product from different angles. Show all the features of the products. This is important for the customer to see everything the product has to offer


scale1 (1).jpg








3. Zoom-in and Show Details

Offer variations in photos in ways that they can see small details of the products. Also, offer full-sized images so that customers can see it as a whole.




radek-grzybowski-66457-unsplash (1).jpg



4. Have in-context photos

Shoot the products in ways that would show how it would actually be used. These images are important for customers to see how they can use it for themselves. You can take pictures of them straightforward or do a flat lay which are also common now.







5. Ensure proper lighting 

Whether it would be shot on a white background, a different angle or in-context it is important that the product is well lit. It would allow the customers to properly see the products that they are interested in if it is well lit. 





6. Show ScalE

Take pictures of the product that may give a customer an idea of the size of the product. It may also give them a good perspective on the dimensions of the product compared to actual products that they already use.



These are just a few tips on how to make your product photos better. Hiring professional photographers to do your product photos is another option that you can do. Just in case you're not ready for that yet, you can just follow the tips above to improve the photos of your products.