Take Your Business to The Next Level!

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Networking is such an important part of a growing business, BUT how many networking meetings end with nothing to show? Don't miss out on a golden opportunity to take your business to the next level!

Join our I94 West Chamber Spotlight Web TV event and you will get a PROFESSIONALLY EDITED VIDEO which you can use for the following:

1. Content for Promotion


Content is valuable in business. Having very good content can widen your horizon. By joining this event, you get to have a professionally done video for as low as $30 that you can share in social media, your website and other means. You can also use this video when you go to your next networking event. Having a video to highlight your business gives you an edge over your competitors. It can also catch the attention of prospects clients and possible network partners.


2. Build Brand Trust and Awareness

All videos from this event will be shared by Cloud Media and I94 West Chamber of Commerce. A live video feed can also be viewed on the I94 social media platforms and website. Being connected to I95 West Chamber of Commerce opens up a solid network foundation for your brand. Having a video content shared by I94 gives you an advantage and exposure that static content can't

3. Improve your Strategy

Having an actual video content can show you what you can improve on. Show your event video to your friends and family and get their feedback. Professional videographers can also give you their valuable insight that you can use. Having experienced doing a video can help you improve your next business strategy.


Don't miss out on the chance to join. Remember there are LIMITED SEATS to this event. Interested in joining? Please fill out the form.

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Event Address:

St Michael City Hall

11800 Town Center Drive

Gries Room

Saint Michael, MN 55376

United States