How to Determine Optimal Video Length When Posting in Social Media

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Social Media platforms have different strengths and purposes that’s why people interact on them differently.  The length of a video is a big factor on whether or not your video content will do well on a certain platform. Taking into consideration what the platform’s strength or purpose is may have a difference on how successful your video engagement is.



Instagram is known for catching attention that is the reason why beautiful images do very well when posted on Instagram. Captions and titles usually have very minimal effect on Instagram, as long as it grabs attention it would do well on this platform. This is the same when it comes to videos. Even if Instagram allows 60 seconds of videos, it is important to have your audience hooked in the first 10 seconds of the video to ensure that they will finish it. Content that are 30 seconds or less in length usually do better on Instagram.

Twitter and Facebook


Twitter and Facebook videos do better when they are 45 seconds to 1 minute in length. These social platforms cater to people digesting information quickly and as such, a longer video might not appeal that well for Facebook and Twitter. There is a reason why Twitter has thrived with only allowing 140 characters per tweet and even with the 280 characters they are testing now, people who value scrolling through and getting as much information as they can might not finish watching if it is longer than 1 minute. The video titles help put context on these videos though which can help get interest. This is why they can do well even if they are a bit longer compared to Instagram videos.

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If you are planning on posting educational or instructional content then YouTube might be a good platform for you. For videos that are 2 minute or more in length YouTube has the capability and interface to maximize the potential of your video. It can also be searched faster and better using the Google search algorithm, which means more viewers, can see your post especially when they are searching for something specific. YouTube videos can also be easily embedded on your website if you want to share it.