4 Things You Can Do Now to Spice-Up your Company’s Marketing


Marketing does not always have to be a big project you have to launch. There are a lot of simple things you can do now that can make an impact for your business. Here are a few of them:


1. Asses your Website


Your website reflects your business and it is important that all web visits see the best your business can offer. You need to regularly assess your website to make sure that it shows your work front and center. You need to make sure that your website would appeal to the client you want to attract. It is also important that your website does not feel outdated. It should be mobile friendly and there should be cohesion of what your brand is and how your website looks like. 




2. Update your Social Media account

Your Social Media should also get a new and fresh look to entice prospects to look at it. Try and update your profile picture and cover photo on your Social Media Accounts. Check your about page and make sure that what is written there still applies to what your company is about currently. Make sure that your contact details are current and that you have your website URL visible on your Social Media accounts. These are simple things that can make sure that people you reach through Social Media can reach you as soon as possible.



3. Try Ads


Gone were the days that you have to invest heavily on print, tv or radio ads. Digital ads are king right now especially since you can connect with your market directly online. Ads now have a better way of reaching directly to your target audience unlike the catch-all system of ads before in print, tv or radio. It is now more accessible to businesses and more affordable. There are so many ways to do ads now. Adwords is still going strong for business. There are also other options like Facebook Ads, Twitter and Instagram ads. It would highly depend where you are usually getting inquiries from. If search is where you get most from then Adwords may be the right ad medium for you. If you get a lot of inquiry through Social Media then you might want to look into and invest in one that can reach your target audience better.



4. Invest in Videos

A lot of companies are investing in videos right now. Video is projected to claim 80% of web traffic in 2019. This is why 2018 is such a great time to get started on video. If you start now you can test and tweak which kind of video material works best for your company to be able to compete with the growing market that uses video by 2019. People usually think that video production are massive and expensive undertakings and it doesn't have to be. There are options that start at just $50 and can give you the start you need to be comfortable in starting videos for your brand. Cloud Media offers an affordable option in Spotlight. You can learn more about it here: http://www.cloudmediaint.com/spotlightservices/



These are simple and yet actionable tips that you can do now. Don't be afraid of changing things up every once in a while. Updates can often help your brand be current. A few tweaks can help your business catch more attention and these can in turn to more customers.